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Company culture

Focus on quality, win-win development
Relying on the original technical support, along the product-oriented, service-driven development of the road, sound operation, and customers to establish reciprocity, mutual benefit and mutual trust and win-win cooperation model, thus creating excellent product value, Social value.

Pioneering and innovative, the pursuit of excellence
Innovation is the development of enterprises inexhaustible motive force, Long Qi people will continue to expand their business areas, innovative business model to the development of the eyes to find customer needs, with ingenuity to provide quality products and services, forging the core competitiveness of enterprises.

People - oriented, integrity Thanksgiving
Talent is the enterprise of this, Long Qi to provide equal development of professional development platform to attract talented people, through the training of enterprises to encourage every employee to play autonomy, creativity and leadership. Rigorous integrity, feel grateful is the spirit of Long Qi people, "quality is more important than Taishan, focus on your focus!" Is a solemn commitment to the partners.

Products are widely used in plastic modification, automotive, construction, electrical and electronic, industrial, daily necessities and other fields