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Job offers

Market sales


1, responsible for the sales of raw materials, responsible for customer development and maintenance work;

2, responsible for raw material market information collection and analysis, accurate understanding of raw material inventory and the arrival of the situation, in time for customer service;

3, accurate and timely processing of sales contracts signed, the implementation and payment of the work;

4, take the initiative to visit customers, understand customer trends and customer needs.


1, college degree or above, marketing, chemical, materials (polymer professional) and other related professional, more than 1 year trade / sales work experience;

2, a strong sense of responsibility, a good team spirit and sense of service, a strong business development capability;

3, with injection molding or modified factory work experience is preferred.

Business Assistant

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the sales process of document processing and related receivables follow-up;

2, and the corresponding sales of after-sales service, communication and processing;

3, responsible for the collection of new customer base data.


1, college degree or above, more than 1 year working experience;

2, a high degree of responsibility and execution, strong communication and coordination skills and good team spirit;

3, better English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, business letter ability is excellent.

Project Engineer

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the new industry, new areas, new customer development work to enhance the team as a whole professional competence;

2, according to product requirements, to provide efficient professional technical support.


1, polymer materials, mechanical related professional college and above, more than 1 year relevant work experience;

2, have good communication skills, organization and coordination ability;

3, clear thinking, practical hard-working, responsible, hard-working, have a strong sense of responsibility.

Products are widely used in plastic modification, automotive, construction, electrical and electronic, industrial, daily necessities and other fields